Ninety percent of the 360+ women on Rikers Island today are pre-trial detainees—they have not been convicted. Since 2017, The Women’s Project has provided critical support to women in NYC facing criminal charges to remain safely in the community instead of on Rikers Island.

The Women’s Project uses an individualized and trauma-informed approach to help women in crisis stabilize through connections to housing, behavioral health treatment, educational resources, job opportunities, and community supports. It costs over $500,000 a year for one woman to be detained on Rikers Island—alternatively, $24,000 can fund an entire year of holistic support for her from The Women’s Project.

Your tax-deductible contribution will help women awaiting their day in court stay in the community where they can properly address their underlying barriers and access vital supports.

For more information about our work, please contact Kate McMahon, Sr. Director, at or (917) 748-9795.