Building Bridges to Community: The Women’s Project
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This year’s event, Building Bridges to Community, supports The Women’s Project, an extraordinary community of shared experience whose collective work serves as an alternative to pre-trial detention and incarceration. Born out of conversations seeking ways to permanently decrease the number of women detained in city jails and state prisons, The Women’s Project is part of a larger partnership between Wildcat/The Fedcap Group, public defenders, and district attorney offices in Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx.

Women are generally referred to The Women’s Project while they are detained. Working together with staff, community members focus on wellness, accessing services and resources related to health, healing and recovery, as well as furthering economic stability and building strong community support. In this video, you will hear the voices of these remarkable, resilient women.

“We are women of purpose who believe in the power of possible,” said Valentina Morales, Director of The Women’s Project, and Wildcat’s Senior Director of Justice Initiatives. “The Women’s Project aims to create a space that stops the noise that often prevents women from finding their individual power, the power that will help them live the lives they want and make their dreams real, no matter what challenges await.”

We hope you will join us in supporting this important justice initiative. Please click here to support our work.

To learn more about The Women’s Project and see some of the art work created by our community, click here.