The Women’s Project

The Women’s Project is The Fedcap Group’s initiative to provide a viable alternative to pre-trial detention for women incarcerated at Rikers Island because they cannot pay their bail.  The program connects women with essential services, provides a strong community network and offers supportive workshops to help women on their path to wellness and economic stability.

Womans Project

The Women’s Project is a community of shared experience. We believe in the power of individual agency and collective engagement. Women come to our space to learn, to grow, to gather support and simply to share time.  The Women’s Project aims to make the space and stop the noise that often prevents women from finding their individual power – the power that will help them to live the lives they want and make their dreams real, no matter what challenges await.

The Women’s Project is funded in part by Robin Hood and the Open Society Foundation.

To support The Women’s Project and the direct needs of women on their path out of incarceration, visit The Women’s Project Giving Page powered by Benevolent.