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Consumer Stories

Bethanie is 27 years old. This is her first brush with the criminal justice system and she is absolutely committed to it being her last. Bethanie spent much of her young life in and out of foster care. She does not have a strong support network but in talking to her, you can tell how much she wants to change her life…she believes in herself. She tried to finish high school but the lack of family support and access to much needed mental health care prevented her from graduating. Bethanie got hooked up with the wrong guy and made several bad decisions, and it led to her arrest. Bethanie has a little boy who is in foster care because there was no one to take care of him when she could not make bail.

The DA agreed that Bethanie was a perfect candidate for the Women’s Project. When Bethanie gets out she will need a host of things to begin again. She will move into transitional housing and then hopefully get a job to support her and her children. Bethanie and every other woman leaving jail need a few items just to get them through their first week. They need shampoo, soap, personal hygiene items, a brush and comb, lotion, underwear and makeup. They need a metro card to get around the city and a simple bag to carry their items.

Can you support women like Bethanie?